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I have a iPhone so I can send and receive email any time, any day because my business is global. Every time I send email this thing wants me to verify I sent it. There seems to be no way to disable this. Dealing with criminals is less effort than is using this app. I’m a day away from trashing this app.

This is a one week free trial

Which should be listed at the top of the explanation/description. Also, it says “Passwords are not stored on our server.” I want to know who/where, sensitive information is stored. How are accounts protected if they don’t store the password/s? I’d rather delete my social account than trust another company to access them.

Not the great product it’s touted to be

First of all do NOT subscribe if your going to run multiple copies on the family plan. They want you to pay for each device you run it on. Secondly, if you attempt to run it on an iPad in landscape mode, be prepared to turn your iPad around a lot. It switches between portrait and landscape in some random manner. Lastly, I’m not really convinced that it’s doing anything other than displaying some canned messages. And I truly hope that the app does as it says and doesn’t save passwords. I’ve just gone in and changed the two I gave it.


This app isn't here for your protection they want a contract ! They want you to upgrade ! No thank you !


The program has notified me of several attempts of hackers trying to hack my email accounts . Best 37 bucks I have spent and worth it especially when it’s your privacy involved. Highly recommended.All of these people that are slamming this app , let me tell you you do not know how programs work and think you can not be hacked you are living in a fantasy world because it is so easy to hack into someone’s computer and phone. It is as simple as clicking on a photo to look at and you are compromised. If you understand programming you would understand. There are programs that you would never know that someone is in your computer or phone and they can see what is on your screen , listen to your conversation , see you on your cam and go through your files, even your passwords so don’t think that you can not be hack because you can and will be. This app uses your phone or computers I’d and records it so it knows that it is really you. Any other person on any other device will be an alert to them so don’t knock this app because you don’t understand it.

Said my credit card number was stolen

Based on my full name and zip code. And found on a black market sight. Wasn’t even my card number! Do not install

My first shot

Ok so I just recently got this app and it was correct. Google had notified me that I was having a virus. I was testing this app to see if it’s correct . I understand that hackers try to log into others accounts 24/7 but can’t u wait until a hacker gets into your account? Just asking!

misleading advertising

“virus on an iPhone” mobile ad leads to this app. Totally dishonest, outright smearing of Apple and their single source distribution and app approval process. Apple should remove this app on the grounds of false marketing.

Ran update now doesn’t open

Just did update and now lapdog won’t open just flashes off. What do I do now as not working at all.

Unable to use

I have downloaded this app. However after the I open it closes automatically and will not open. Deleted and reinstalled a few times with same results.

Love it

The App is great,someone had sent a virus out on PM and I didn’t open it but was worried an my phone was acting strange so I purchased the App an found risk,now there all gone an I’m protected,my only Quirk with this is it keeps telling me to Activate google an FB and I already had so I did again an it said these have already been activated An are protected but they all still show they need activated,oh well at least they are protected I guess

Now I Have Phishing?

Seldom had phishing scams until I installed this app. Have received two now just in the 7 day trial period. I can't say it's for sure, but if it walks like a duck...

Not sure I can trust what I see

This evening (Aug 17, 2018) I received an alert about my Facebook account being used on an unknown iOS device at a specific time. The issue is, I know I wasn’t on FB at that time. Normally one would think “great” Log Dog is working and I took preventative measures. Except when I re-read the alert, the time stamp was noted as 6:38 pm Aug 18, 2018....22 hours in the future. This is the second time in the past couple of weeks it’s happened. Customer support is very disappointing given that each time I asked a question I got a snarky, unhelpful response. So now I really have no idea when either alert event occurred and each time went through that brief “panic” of “OMG, I’m hacked” when the likelihood is that it was a false alarm. I would think really hard before spending the price of this app again.

Excellent so far

I tried to assign the same accounts I have on my iPhone on my iPad and it immediately let me know that someone tried to get into my email account thru and iPad, and of course that was me so I verified it. I really works!! UPDATE: 8/15/18 After having a subscription to this app since April, I’m happy to report that LogDog has been protecting me and alerting me of any issues or suspicious activity on my accounts, but experienced a hiccup yesterday when I accidentally deleted the app from my iPhone and I cannot for the life of me get my Yahoo account verified and protected. It won’t activate it for some odd reason. I contacted the developer but I haven’t had any help on this issue as of yet. I’m getting very frustrated because I feel that my Yahoo account isn’t safely monitored now, although I have my Yahoo account on my iPad as well. I also have LogDog on my Samsung Galaxy S9+. I’ll be happier once I can get my Yahoo account to be activated on my iPhone. Other than that this app does the job it’s meant to do, and I highly recommend it for security and peace of mind.

It’s great!

No words to describe it.Easy to use.

Perfect Protection

Y’all guys made a good app for people like me.

Good but....

I unfortunately have an MSN email account. The good news is no one has ever been able to login to it. The bad news is because it’s MSN, It seems according to LogDog, the people from all over the world are trying to login every hour to hour and a half. They sent me an alert every time this happens. The problem is it asks me to change my password every single time and you cannot clear the notification until you do. The app does not recognize whether it is a successful or failed login attempt. Other than constant notifications that you can’t clear. I really like the protection it goes for all my other apps on my phone.


They helped me protect all my accounts and saved from a lot of things from going wrong :)

How do you unsubscribe

How to unsubscribe

Very good

I would give it a 5 star rating but for the price they need to expand what they are offering there are other email service they need to include and other services would make the app more useful

just downloaded it a few hours ago

i will admit- with the continuous ridiculous issues


The app is good but it should be free for extra protection


Needs a user option for iPhone access without passcode or photo—app currently shows the lack thereof as a security weakness. Disagree!

Doesn’t work

Hasn’t worked since the first time I downloaded it. Wish I hadn’t wasted my money.


Why did the free trial just start without me giving any signs that was okay

Might work, but can't overlook misspelling

I've had several alerts from Logdog but none have turned out to be actual problems. It might work but all false alarms for me so far. But what drives me nuts is the misspelling on the home page. They spelled the word, "below" incorrectly (says bellow). How does this get past your QA review? What else got past your asleep at the wheel QA dept?! So, it's not getting a renewal from me.


I haven’t been able to figure out if you have to pay for the service or if it’s only with the updates.


I actually LOVE this app!!!Has GREAT security!Traci


Now I have the best app I’ve been looking for and I trust. This app makes me feel safe, alerting me, telling me who tried to get in. And they paused the moment it happened so I can fix it. Thank you for your easy to use. That really is safe. I could talk positives to this app.


I really like this app. It’s easy to use and protects really well.

Safety Concerns

After downloading this app, and reading the reviews I felt somewhat confident that it would do what it says. However, I entered two of my email addresses so it could scan both accounts, without having to entered the passwords it scan them both, soon after it said both accounts were compromised... Questionable, being that my husband downloaded the same and he entered his password so it could be scan and monitored, it took an entire day for them to tell him it was compromised with the same date as mine was and company name too. I very rarely get spam emails on my iCloud email, guess what...now I’m getting them daily is ridiculous...reported it to Apple and deleted the app and so did my husband. I will not recommend this app.


Hi I have cancel this app it did not work for me.

A GREAT way maximize your protection!

This app has saved a on more than one occasion. It lets me know when everyone of my accounts are accessed from a new location or new device. At a time when fraud and hijackers are consistently trying to login to your personal accounts, this app is a MUST! Well worth the low monthly fee.

I have a question?

Does it protect u from viruses?

Already changed my password?

I got an alert that said someone logged into my acc. I of course changed my password, I look back and scan again,it says that someone logged into my acc? I go and change my password again. It says you already changed your password. I don’t understand. I already fixed it and it still saying there’s a risk....what?

Pretty Good So Far!

It seems to be working, but i just have one question. Do you need to pay in order to scan your device?

Didn’t stop hackers

Hacker keep sending me messages and messing with my phone 😒😔

This might be a Trojan

I am not saying this program is malicious, it just looks like it.

Another scam??

I don’t understand why i should enter my credit card numbers and email id with password! How can i trust what this apps says?


Very happy with the app and its security features...LogDog gives you a piece of mind.


My husband suggested I try this app and I was very happy I did... it’s been very useful. Thanks

Good but how do I get out of the 7 day contracts

How do I get out of 7 day contracts


I love how it searches for stolen data. I wish it would have a virus detected and cleaner. It would be extremely helpful for shady websites.


I just signed up for the yearly at $59.99 and I’m assuming with tax it’s about $64 and change. I a seeming a charge for $73+ in my bank account. I’m not sure whom I need to contact but that’s not the amount o was quoted.


My phone recently said it had a virus and the link on it led me to this. I did the trial and I felt safe for those days but then the trial ended. I refuse to pay monthly because I disagree with paying just so your information won’t be stolen and sold online. Paying for your phone to be protected is the equivalent to paying for food at a grocery store, getting home and then paying again just to eat it. Paying is mandatory but unfair.


This app is awesome. I was hacked on the internet and when I was scared on what to do I found this app. I came up positive for having my credit card and google hacked but it was cleaned and hopefully stays that way. Overall this is a great app!


I literally freaked out when I saw the virus pop up, I only had 4 minutes and I just kept searching for something that could help. And, surprisingly this was sooo good, I thought this wouldn't work, but I really underestimated this. Thank you so much for whoever made this app.

Very annoyed

I installed LogDog because it was the service I wanted, it is miss leading it doesn’t tell you right up front what the fees are. So I uninstalled the app right away after reading this info. Today I got an email from someone there asking me if I thought I was too boring to have problems. It has nothing to do with what I think, it is everything to do with I know I can’t afford the service!

Love This App.

The best security ever Get This App! Also my husband was about to make a purchase unknowingly the seller was from the dark web. Log Dog contacted me and wasn’t about to let the purchase go until We approved it we fixed that by one touch back to Log Dog ❤️

Highly suspicious app

Worst app I installed in past 4 years. It asks you for all your email and credit card passwords “in order to protect you”!!!!!

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